Link Motion - Now Available for Windows 7 32/64
iTestMotion Driver (free software for testing)
We call this the iTest Motion driver. It is provided to you free of charge.
  • Test your:
  • Step motors
  • Step motor drivers
  • Brushed servo motors
  • Brushed servo motor drivers compatible with step & Direction inputs
  • Linear travel per revolution in any system in any of the three axis
  • Direction of movement
  • Home switch operation
  • I/O's
  • Cylindrical axis and gear ratios for old systems

People complained over the years that there was no easy way to set up a tester for the above items. Solustan is pleased to offer a simple and an inexpensive way to test your hardware. All one needs is a PC/Windows XP computer with a parallel port and our free of charge software to test your motors and drivers and other motion components.

Please, download and read the attached PDF document for further understanding of the iTest Motion driver. It is simple and straight forward. Let others know how easy it is to use the driver to test your motion components.

There are motor drivers out there that require more current to switch than the maximum current provided by a parallel port of a PC. In such a case, there may be a need for a breakout board to help the parallel port to generate necessary current upon switching. One of such inexpensive breakout board is from a company called CNC4PC.

There are many companies building breakout boards and are offering at a reasonable price for you to set up your test bed.

Please, refer to the PDF document for the connection of the parallel port to the motion control world as defined by Solustan, Inc.

Please, let us know how it is helpful to you. Also, please, tell us if more features should be added to the iTest Motion driver.

  • Notes :
  • 1.
  • The product is provided free of charge and as-is.
  • 2.
  • Solustan does not provide technical support for this product. However, it is Solustan's intentions to set up a forum where users can discuss and understand the usage of the product by learning from each other on the forum.
  • 3.
  • It is important to take necessary precautions before using the software to test a motion system. The system could move unexpectedly.
  • 4.
  • The information you fill out in order to be able to download the iTest Motion driver will not be sold or given to any third party. It will be used for the only purpose of informing you of the latest product development at Solustan. You will find it useful.
System Requirements
  • Windows XP with SP2 or higher, Windows 2000
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher
  • 800 MHz Processor Speed
  • 512 MB or more RAM Memory
  • 60 MB Disk Space
  • CD Rom (only if you get the software on a CD-ROM media)
  • Parallel port (printer port)
  • Use keyboard and mouse with PS2 connection only
  • Do not use Keyboard and mouse with USB connection
Download PDF File
Quick Installation of LinkMotion for iTest Motion (in PDF form):
Download PDF File
Quick Installation of LinkMotion for iTest Motion (in PDF form):
Download PDF File